High quality service and dependable results.

Dedicated to improving the control systems that you rely on.

Freedom Controls has a mission: to improve the quality and capabilities of control systems. John Mazurek, our lead engineer, founded the business in 2013. He started out with over a decade of experience as a controls engineer and the belief that we can we can provide superior system integration services, offering better ways to streamline operations and fully utilize the capabilities of new technology. Since then, Freedom Controls has designed new control systems for 50+ industrial sites across the USA. In 2014, we were honored to receive the Outstanding Performance Award from CSX Transportation; Public Safety, Health & Environment.

Today, our business continues to thrive, providing sophisticated solutions for complex control networks. Our pledge is to elevate the standard of service within the control automation industry, and eliminate chokepoints and inefficiencies that have become the norm. We listen to your needs, taking time to gain a full comprehension of your operational processes and stress points so that we can tailor the most beneficial solution for you.

Freedom to innovate.

Adept at
large-scale solutions

We’ve tackled large, complex projects with businesses deploying a large network of connected controllers. We are skilled at tying previously isolated processes together to enhance communications and efficiency. All of that experience comes into play when we conceptualize a solution that will meet your needs.

Building lasting

Customer satisfaction is a top priority. We want to secure your repeat business by making sure you are happy with our work in the short and long term. That means we will pick up the phone when you need help, whether our project is in the planning, deployment, or long term maintenance phase.


We work hard to understand your needs. No two control systems are the same. A good control system requires ongoing communication with the client before, during, and after commissioning new equipment. We seek to understand how people at all levels of an organization will use our systems and how we can best satisfy their needs.